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Suit Herbert Hainer (Herbert Hainer) without a tie, shirt collar buttoned idle loosened, it seems to wear clothing with a different type of sports fan; 56-year-old

Herbert Hainer is still a motion control, he likes to run in the woods near the home, but also love skiing.

This state is very bonded to his identity - the adidas Group global CEO, he served in that post for nearly 10 years, he led this global sporting goods company's top revenue nearly doubled, reaching nearly 11 billion euros, net profit tripled, once reached 642 million euros. But this is not enough, the CEO have to continue to run, the direction is: beyond adidas originals zx flux, the world's largest sports brand.

However, by 2008 the global financial crisis to a certain extent against Herbert Hainer, 2009, the adidas Group turnover fell 3.9%, while net profit fell 61.8%; performance in the Chinese market is also unsatisfactory, Since before the 2008 Olympic Games, adidas originals stan smith market has high expectations, so in the fourth quarter of 2008,

when the economy worsened, and it caught the high inventory embarrassment, and in the following year, spent a considerable amount of processing time and channel inventory issues. A year later, Herbert Hainer in late 2010 announced a new development strategy, said in the next five years to increase sales by 45% -50%.

The question is: Adidas has bottomed out yet how Herbert Hainer will explain why in 2009 it took a plunge in the Nike status can not shake the North American market, Adidas India and Russia how to surprise the market performance is very good??? Adidas, but suffered high stock market in China, whether the 2008 Olympic policy misconduct?

In conversation with reporters, adidas originals gives an explanation, but also left the suspense. Among them, the biggest suspense or that may surprise is how in five years Adidas is currently close to zero promotion of e-commerce sales to 500 million euros or so, whether this represents a global branded consumer company embarked on a "cloud sales" model?